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Parmessar desires adherence to state regulations governing oil mega-investments

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Atompai ruilt zijn politie uniform voor de groene partij

Poetini Atompai, heeft gekozen voor de politiek en geeft daarom zijn positie bij de politie op. Hij draagt de overtuiging dat hij via de politiek meer kan betekenen voor de politiebond. Zijn handeling...

Staatsolie plans to make large investments, and the company needs to finalize all licenses and agreements by no later than August 15 in order to proceed. At the hydroelectric power plant in Afobaka, turbines will be replaced among other things. On the north side of the Afobakadam, the state-owned firm plans to build a solar power plant, part of which will be used as a floating solar power plant on the reservoir. It involves a 25–30 acre facility. The investments will save money and lower energy expenses by millions. The NDP party leader and former director of the EBS, Rabin Parmessar, tells the media that while investments are necessary, laws must be upheld.

Parmessar notes that the letter from the director of Staatsolie shows that the Energy Authority Suriname (EAS), the EBS, Natural Resources and Finance are directed to put things in order, while the legislation clearly indicates the procedure that must be followed. In the case of expansion investments, the EAS must carry out various investigations. Given the deadline of August 15, there is no room for that. Parmessar also does not like the tone of the letter.

The Member of Parliament wonders whether an environmental study has been carried out to set up a solar energy plant near and on the reservoir. “What are the environmental effects of this?” Parmessar finds it presumptuous that Staatsolie indicates that the existing Staatsolie Power Company Suriname will be secured for now and the next 50 years. According to him, there are many questions about Staatsolie’s plans.

“We will not leave this matter as it is. There must be respect for the laws and the procedures contained therein. The directive tone in the letter cannot be accepted. This is too much,” says Parmessar. He will raise this issue in the National Assembly.





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