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Parliamentarian Tsang: “I feel it too as a DNA member “

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The ordinary Surinamese resident, according to NDP lawmaker Stephan Tsang, has a high stability rate but is still far from being taken out of poverty. He concurs with the VES specialists who predict no further price declines.

I believe the exchange rate will at least bring about some steadiness, although I have not yet noticed any relief. I have not yet come across any government social plans. The 1,800 SRD is mentioned, but it is also out of date. The current minimum salary is 30 SRD per hour, although the cost of gasoline is already 42–43 SRD per litre. You don’t even get a litre of gasoline for an hour’s worth of labor. The poverty threshold that was imposed in March has also lost its relevance, according to Tsang on the show Bakana Tori.

Contrary to what the president claimed, no tunnels can be seen in Suriname, claims the NDP member. Additionally, according to the DNA member, people cannot eat light. I feel it as a DNA member as well. Never mind those who make SRD 4,000 or SRD 5,000.

Tsang claims that the government’s failure to carry out its own recovery plan is to blame for the nation’s issues.






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