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Paragsingh: Bee not guilty of any offence

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Assembly chairman Marinus Bee has not been guilty of any criminal offence. Acting Attorney General Garcia Paragsingh informed the faction leaders Rabin Parmessar (NDP) and Ronny Asabina (BEP) about this. They had asked the head of the Public Prosecution Service to launch a criminal investigation into the illegal use of financial resources from the National Assembly by Bee, who has been to Gabon.

NDP faction leader Parmessar said that the acting PG informed them in a letter yesterday that a criminal investigation has been conducted that resulted in a criminal file. The criminal investigation has not yielded any facts and/or circumstances that should show that the Assembly President has unlawfully used DNA financial resources and has therefore committed any criminal offence.

Parmessar wanted to know how the Public Prosecution Service arrived at this finding. A letter will be written to the acting attorney general to review the investigation report. Parmessar believed that the conclusion alone is not sufficient. The procedure to be followed in DNA is clear. No decision was taken in the household meeting that Assembly member Obed Kanapé could also travel to Gabon on behalf of the college. According to Parmessar, the funds used for this are unlawful.

The letter is sent to the Public Prosecution Service to take cognizance of the file. The answer is awaited, because in the Surfin case it has also been stated by the prosecution system that nothing illegal has happened. The file has been asked in vain, Parmessar noted despite the many attempts that have been made. He stated that they treat the Public Prosecution Service with respect and that they wanted to be treated the same way. He argued that fortunately there are more legal options in the legal system that can be explored. It all depends on the response of the Attorney General.




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