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Parade preparations, said Army Commander Kioe A Sen

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The National Army is proceeding as usual with its preparations to take part in the parade on November 25 commemorating 47 years of state independence. The National Army’s commander, Werner Kioe A Sen, confirms this to the media. Exercises were done even on the days of the action, so we are on schedule. Everything will proceed according to schedule, he assures.

He claims that the other men have followed their work schedules. When the group decided to hit the streets, “we even had a pre-practice,” he quotes. The Suriname Police Force (KPS), which will take part in the parade, is consulted over the preliminary drills. According to Kioe A Sen, there will be foreign guests present to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the Republic of Suriname.

Wild Behavior

The Association for the Legal Position of the Military’s (VRM) current action is a wild activity, according to the army chief. As a result, the Ministry of Defense’s executive team will sue the group.

Tomorrow, Minister Krishna Mathoera will bring a lawsuit against the VRM. “We’re going to use the legal system to try and stop this crazy action by the union. When more than half of the voting members are represented or present to vote, the GMM may make a decision. It wasn’t even half of what was there, if you look at what was there. The decision to act was not made legally, according to the army leader.

Prior to the group acting, no communication had been made, according to Kioe A Sen. The next day, no one was able to reach the army command. Because of the army’s unhappiness, the VRM has acted. A 150 percent pay increase is also something they want.








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