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Panka: The NDP’s backing of protests is severe

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National Democratic Party (NDP) spokesman Ricardo Panka tells the news media that the party is strongly supporting the protests on the political front. The party structures will then receive instructions. The unions have given President Chan Santokhi an ultimatum. Wednesday marks the end of the deadline. Whether the NDP will demonstrate on Monday or after the deadline has passed is not yet known.

The NDP claims that since taking office, the government has frequently signaled that it should be given room to perform its duties. The party chose to adopt a critical stance toward the government. The social and financial resilience of society is at an all-time low, according to the NDP.

The NDP is in sympathy with the people’s struggle because it can no longer ignore the community’s signs of discontent. For this reason, the NDP calls on all of its supporters, organizations, and members to physically support the protests. Further instructions will be given by the party.

On Friday, the union leaders led by Michael Sallons and Ronald Hooghart also urged political leaders to support the campaign. On Monday, there will be another protest at Flag Square.






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