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OW starts pilot project ‘Tackling abandoned plots and buildings’

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The Ministry of Public Works (OW) has started a pilot project to tackle abandoned lots and buildings and making the infrastructure more tidy. So as to have healthy neighborhoods and increase the quality and safety of life. A list of 10 abandoned lands and buildings was recently posted on OW’s Facebook page, whose owners, both nationally and internationally, are being urged to maintain their grounds and make their abandoned buildings safer.

OW is currently working to implement this policy that was already announced by the ministry in 2021. The owners are given 3 months to tackle their abandoned plot or building. If this does not happen, then the withdrawal procedure will start and the site and everything on it, will be returned to the state. This is the first step regarding the approach.

Furthermore, all citizens, district councilors (rr-members) and district councilors (dr-members) are called upon to lend a hand in reporting abandoned lands and buildings by texting OW on the number 8817718 or emailing e.mohangoo@




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