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OW invests in a tow truck and forklift

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Van 27 november tot en met 1 december organiseerde het ministerie van Transport, Communicatie en Toerisme (TCT) in samenwerking met het Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Training Center (SHTTC) een tra...

Riad Nurmohamed (OW), the minister of public works, has been given two automobiles. This relates to the procurement of a lift truck and a tow truck for the services division. Warsha N.V. and Fernandes Autohandel handled the purchase. On October 9, 2023, the formal presentation took place.

In addition to maintaining and updating buildings and roads, Minister Nurmohamed has stated that the ministry also supplies the necessary resources for the task.   “The purchase of the vehicles was made from the ministry’s own budget and we will continue to invest in material that is needed,” said the minister.

Balwant Ori, Deputy Director of Services, is very grateful to the ministry for this purchase.  He will ensure that his department makes good use of this.





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