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Overtime pay is provided for security services

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Wegen Bernharddorp te Para worden aangepakt

Er is op vrijdag 12 april jongstleden een aanvang gemaakt met het bezanden van wegen te Bernarddorp in het district Para. Minister Riad Nurmohamed, de minister van Openbare Werken heeft zich persoonli...

The government has allocated funds to the fight against crime. How much has been reserved is unclear. Ronnie Brunswijk, the acting president, said that additional resources have been made available. “We make an effort to consider the schedule. According to Krishna Mathoera, minister of defense, “whenever possible, we want to provide additional resources from the regular budget to those groups that are actually deployed in a given period to perform additional job. People will receive compensation for the additional effort, keeping them engaged.

Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi remarked, “Overtime is done when necessary, but the physical health of the personnel must also be taken into account.” “In 2023, structural initiatives will be taken to minimize overtime so that people may also focus on their families.”The minister says that there needs to be a balance.

According to Brunswijk, a mechanism will also be put in place so that military personnel who put in extra time might get paid more. Acting President: “Those who work hard should be rewarded.”




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