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Over 90 people have participated in NPS political training

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More than 90 persons have improved their political knowledge and abilities over the past six months by taking training courses at the National Party of Suriname’s Training Institute (NPS). The accomplishment of this goal is consistent with the goals established for the year 2022.

Virginia Asin-Oostburg, the institute’s chair, is pleased with the outcome. The breadth and depth of these intensive sessions covered skills that interested parties should at least possess before entering the political sphere. She thinks that training in this area is crucial to gaining a thorough understanding of the political landscape, including “the pitfalls, the dos, and don’ts.”

Three phases made up the cadre training; the first portion took place in May, the other two in August and November. General political knowledge, communication, and social media debate techniques were all covered.

The third segment’s speakers placed special emphasis on language use, conversational skills, conflict resolution, and negotiation techniques. The speakers Renata de Bies, Kenneth Muringen, and Dirk Currie skillfully and expertly equipped the attendees with useful strategies for productive debate. The group discussion that followed this final segment’s conclusion focused on two hot-button issues based on contemporary social realities, according to the NPS.

At the conclusion of their presentations, participants were given a “Statement of Participation,” and those who finished all three segments were given a “Certificate of Participation.” Asin-Oostburg draws attention to the fact that, in addition to the framework instruction, the NPS Schooling Institute has also given young people training on “mental health during the covid-19 pandemic.” Additionally, working groups from the Johan Adolph Pengel Scientific Institute collaborated with JAPIN to host lectures. The NPS Schooling Institute has completed the 2022 training year with the award ceremony and is now getting ready to implement the program in 2023 and subsequent years.







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