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OS III Latour requests sandwiches, while 1 voor 12 requests assistance

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In a letter to the chairman of 1 voor 12, Louis Vismale, the administration of OS III Latour, also known as OS Mastklimmenstraat, requested inclusion in the foundation’s bread initiative. It is now not financially possible to incorporate the school in its initiative for grades 1 through 12. However, thanks to the help of two benefactors, we were able to feed the pupils a sandwich each day. Vismale requests support for this school from the business world. An average sandwich costs SRD 20.

“Due to the dire state of the nation, we have observed that an increasing number of pupils skip breakfast and forget to pack a snack for the break. According to headmaster N. Leliendal, “The administration has frequently attempted to provide these students with food using its own resources. Unfortunately, the school’s administration can no longer afford to pay the bills out of pocket. 350 of the 520 students in the school qualify for financial aid.

1 voor 12 also provides sandwiches to OS Powakka students. Students not being allowed to bring bread or drinks to school infuriates Vismale.





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