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Ori: All institutes of higher learning must be accredited

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All schools of higher learning must be accredited, according to Minister Henry Ori of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MInowc), who stated this during a news conference. Higher education and science policy are currently managed. “We’ll need to start a conversation with these institutions. The rationale behind accreditation is to provide parents and students with the assurance that the program is legitimate before they put their money in it. Therefore, all higher education institutions should be accredited.

Now it is true that one had a letter of recognition almost 10 years ago. The courses continue and a letter of recognition is used, but too few steps are taken to accredit the course. “We are going to talk to them, they are going to have to start accrediting. It is according to the National Body for Accreditation”. (NOVA law) The coming weeks, higher education institutions will be invited to discuss this issue.



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