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On February 17, Biervliet goes door-to-door in the neighborhoods to protest

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The vice president (VP) and ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk urges his supporters to keep quiet about the crisis in the nation, and activist Stephano “Pakittow” Biervliet regrets this. In an interview with the media, Biervliet claims that the vice president did nothing to stop protests. He is enlisting neighborhood residents to organize a mass on February 17 in the meanwhile. There are also numerous meetings held. He underlines, “That will absolutely continue.”

Several unions have already made action announcements. Already, many activists are physically opposing government policy. The movements are founded on the same precepts: people are paying the price of the crisis, government policies can no longer be tolerated, promises are broken, nepotism persists unabatedly, and abuses inside the official machinery are not decreasing. The stakes are much the same: if the government doesn’t act differently right away, it might decide to leave.

As he entered another meeting, Biervliet remarked, “I’m concentrating on February 17 right now. “I visit areas and interact with various organizations. It’s a big organization. Participants may also be NDP, VHP, or ABOP. Everyone recognizes that, but in many instances, it remains difficult to rally the public to send a serious message to the government. Anyone is welcome to attend and participate, but it must be properly planned. Although it will take a lot of work, it will succeed.

In particular, Brunswijk has urged his supporters to abstain from taking part in the protests. He highlighted that the ABOP will still be a part of the coalition and that nothing has been cut off. “I believe that’s unfortunate,” says Biervliet. He is aware of the nation’s dire situation. However, if you advise against protesting, you must provide a substitute. What has he accomplished that would cause the populace, particularly those who supported him, to remain silent? Nothing! Oh well. He won’t object even though he doesn’t do the job properly.





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