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OGA tackles overgrown parking lot at the cremation center Weg naar Zee

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The Public Greenery and Waste Management Directorate (OGA) of the Ministry of Public Works (OW) is currently carrying out cleaning work at the parking lot of the cremation center in Weg naar Zee (the sea side/ beach) Contractor Dahoe is hired by the Directorate to execute the work.

OGA’s new acting director, Indersing QGangabisoensing, said that it was necessary to prioritize the cleaning of the parking lot due to the large number of people who go there every week to do their last rites for their loved ones. Gangabisoensing said that after this major cleaning, in collaboration with the board of the cremation center, help will be provided with the maintenance of the place. The acting director said that everyone wants to stay clean and in a clean environment, but we often see that bulky waste is dumped by third parties. It is a pity to note that while OGA is doing its best to clean, it is immediately polluted again by heartless people. The legal regulations are there, and if they need to be adjusted, they will work for a better and clean Suriname.

The department wants to work on a clean Suriname and that is why it is engaged in cleaning activities nationwide. Acting director Gangabisoensing asked for the cooperation of the citizenry. The acting OGA said that there are heavy fines involved if someone is caught dumping garbage. Let there be a change mentality so that we can keep the whole country clean. The directorate also wants to start campaigns in the near future to inform young people and adults about how to deal with waste adequately and efficiently.




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