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NVB buses go on the weekends to the Matawai area

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The community in the Matawai region now has two buses at their disposal thanks to the National Transport Company Suriname (NVB). On Fridays and Sundays, locals can utilize these services. Each ride would cost the locals SRD 200. The NVB’s director, Fariyal Renfrum, states that the organization’s mission is to offer inexpensive transportation throughout Surinam.

“As NVB, we are dedicated to ensuring this and continually identify new processes.” The Upper Saramacca District Commissioner (DC), Walter Bonjaski, stated that the population of Matawai have significant needs. But this will offer some solace. The creation of the local roadways is also planned. Minister Gracia Emanuel of Regional Development and Sport (ROS) indicated that there is a lot of pressure in the interior, but a little development is being done.



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