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NPS won’t collaborate with all parties

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In the elections of 2025, the National Party of Suriname (NPS) will impose stringent requirements on other parties. Patricia Etnel, an assembly member, stated during the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the NPS that parties whose hearts are not with the Surinamese people cannot expect cooperation.

Once the party has won seats, it will collaborate with people who can change Suriname. If you’re still unsure about which party to support in 2025, look into the group’s track record.

The NPS has demonstrated in the past that it is capable of elevating Suriname. Etnel said her political house offers love and warmth to the entire community. She delved into the past and briefly recalled the achievements of the party’s great sons and daughters. From the first chairman Van der Schroef to the present, all leaders have achieved a lot for the people in her view. The party will continue its work on their shoulders.

Diana Pokie, ex-Minister of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) and former member of the ABOP, officially spoke during the NPS’s annual day. She indicated that she has not had an easy time at the ministry. Ultimately, she decided to put an end to it and thanked her supporters who continuously supported and motivated her to conduct the discussions for joining the NPS.

Pokie advocates a socially just distribution of prosperity. It will be a challenge considering the interior. Part of the additional revenue should be earmarked specifically for local residents and other areas. The interior has been struggling with inadequate water and power supplies for years and education has many problems.

Suriname should not have poverty and healthcare must be of top quality. These are some of the things that the people need. Although she had initially refrained from commenting, she still felt called upon to briefly discuss land policy. She asked policymakers to continue the work they started as a former minister and her team. She was referring to the process of digitizing all land archives.

According to her, a good archive must be set up for the land inspectors in order to prevent cases of double issuance, among other things. She also advocated the reintroduction of a communications unit where citizens can go if they have questions. There must also be good cooperation with the business community to prepare plots for construction and where they have easy access.



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