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NPS will keep sounding the alarm

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The NPS wishes for all Surinamese to experience better with the arrival of 2023, particularly in terms of their health and social standing.

We all faced many difficulties in 2022 as rising stock prices had an influence on many industries and criminality was reaching frightening levels.

The NPS will always stand up for the people and work to improve the existing situation, both financially and socially, even though we are still a long way from being able to fix the problems. The party promises that the alarm will always go off in an effort to apply suggestions for improvement when addressing issues.

Large segments of the population must eventually be able to see and feel the effects of the policy. As a result, the government will need to change its approach in 2023 and interact directly with the common man.

The goal of the social safety net must be to assist individuals in need as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Despite being a challenging year, 2023 will need to be one where those in need receive immediate assistance. Then, further work will be done on the economic and social recovery of society on the foundation of well-developed policy visions. That is a goal that we must all succeed in reaching.

In 2023, we wish you everything happiness and health.








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