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NPS still in the coalition

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The decision has been made by the National Party Suriname (NPS) not to leave the coalition as yet. The Congress of the Green Party has just mandated the central government to enforce a responsible social decision. They will decide if and when to leave if there is no change in the coalition.

There was a long suspension before all departments were aligned. After they resume, a motion was then read with the decision of the departments. It is the NPS desire that action be taken in a very short term so that poverty can be tackled. The policy must be aimed at in order to bring relief in the short term.

After the dissatisfaction of the NPS had been visible the coalition looked at possibilities to better value the party. The party was offered an ambassadorship in Switzerland and embassy positions. Furthermore, management positions in semi-public companies and eight places on supervisory boards. These proposal were rejected by NPS chairman Gregory Rusland. These functions do not lead to enlightenment among the people.




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