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NPS: Opinions have been shared on a number of forums

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The invitation to the preliminary discussions to establish a national discourse has also been thanked by the National Party of Suriname (NPS). Up until February 15th, the party was a member of the coalition and has given numerous forums an opportunity to hear its opinions. When the conversation does begin, NPS Chairman Gregory Rusland says he will continue to be accessible to provide input when possible.

The NPS outlines a number of problems that should unquestionably be discussed in a national debate in a letter to President Chan Santokhi.

– The poverty problem with a reliable social program that delivers relief to those who need it most. It has been discovered that the assistance is not universally accessible and is only given to certain people.

– The topic of currency rate stabilization, includes the Surinamese Central Bank’s interventions in this area. Stability is crucial to halting the rise in the cost of necessities and halting the erosion of buying power.

The letter also calls for the manufacturing sector’s sustainable growth and special consideration for small business owners so they may support their families.

Discussing how the government functions in all of its aspects is also important.







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