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NPS delivers a lecture about changing the electoral process

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The NPS is hosting a seminar on the reform of the electoral system on Friday, April 21. Hans Lim A Po will present this lecture. This issue was picked because it is important, according to Raissa van Varsseveld, an NPS member. Another party that supported changing the voting system was the National Party of Suriname (NPS). People will also get the chance to talk about this subject after the lecture.

Every Surinamer gains from it, according to Van Varsseveld, and it is crucial for all citizens since it will affect the forthcoming elections. Everyone, including non-NPSs, are welcome to attend the lecture, and its goal is for everyone to comprehend its topic.

Hans Lim A Po was selected to deliver this lecture, according to NPS’er Randall Pinas, since he is a member of the research group the president created to look into this article and determine what adjustments may be made to the election system. In theory, this is the second lecture the NPS has given on this topic. The Johan Adolf Pengel Institute of the NPS is actually responsible for organizing the talk. They set up lectures and study sessions so that individuals can learn more about themselves and each other.

At this Friday’s lecture, Giwani Zeggen (political scientist) and Rudi Chin will be panel members. He was on the NPS committee that dealt with the question of changing the electoral system.





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