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NPS chairman reflects on the poverty issue at 76 years of NPS

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The National Party Suriname (NPS) annually laid a wreath at the statue of Jopie Pengel their legendary chairman. It is now the 76th anniversary. Gregory Rusland, President of the party thought about the history and said that great contributions have been made to the country’s development. Prime ministers have been produced by the party and it held the presidency three times after independence. Rusland stated that the NPS deserved a better place now. And Suriname deserves far much better than the current situation.

For a while now Rusland has sympathized with people who are having a difficult time. He finds that they must be supported to survive this period. It is a “bloody shame” that the country is experiencing certain situations, the politician noted. He finds that people must get the help that they need. Many people ask for support every day. They want their children to have a good start to the new school year.

The NPS foreman said that there are many challenges that Suriname faces. The government is doing its best to restore the economy. But the ‘mofinawans’ (the less fortunate) have to overcome this phase. Rusland noted that measures are needed to restore the broken economy. Soon it will be possible to take advantage of the riches again, but the people who can’t keep up now must be helped. The NPS will once again take the place it deserves. And then it can effectively manage processes to lift people out of poverty.



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