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NPS Brokopondo has a new board; the party must improve its situation

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Since Saturday, a new board has been in place for the upcoming three years at NPS Brokopondo. Ligeon Wens, the chairman, has been chosen again. Gregory Rusland, CEO of the NPS, underlined in his speech that the party needs to improve its standing in the future elections. Therefore, it is necessary to persuade residents in the district to support the green party.

It is categorically untrue, according to Rusland, that the party has done nothing for the inside in 76 years. The inside has been significantly opened up as a result of the Grasshopper project. One of the causes the NPS has promoted is education in the interior.

Like other parts of the nation, Brokopondo has a lot of issues. People struggle to afford food, transportation, and healthcare while also making ends meet. Voting for political parties that can resolve all of these issues, in Rusland’s opinion, is crucial. He is certain that Brokopondo will make it possible for the NPS to obtain a higher position within the national administration. Because of this, the board must speak with individuals in order to convince them that the NPS can adopt a more assertive stance. After that, the party can ensure that Brokopondo and the entire nation are doing well.




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