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NPS: Battle Destiny Improvement Continues

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 In the belief that light triumphs over darkness and good over evil, the National Party Suriname (NPS) will continue to fight for the betterment of the lot of Surinamese. The party argues in connection with the celebration of the religious festival, Diwali, that contrary to what dissenters would have you believe, the NPS has always been at the basis of development and further growth of the people. The tendency that bad or negative reports and actions increasingly threaten to take the upper hand, indicates that values and norms within society are fading and require urgent attention.

The teaching of Diwali states that we must always look for the light within ourselves and remove that which is destructive as much as possible. The green party realizes that the world is confronted with situations that affect many people financially and socially. Suriname is part of that world and also experiences this excruciating pain. No one benefits from bad conditions that have an inhibiting effect on their own growth, in particular.

Based on the position and the possibilities at its disposal, the NPS tries to do the necessary, so that the effects do not hit its compatriots as hard. However, we cannot do it all alone we need the help and support of everyone to help give substance to the policy, so that the darkness is pushed back and the room can be illuminated. This victory should ultimately lead us to the path of development; a better future with more prospects for stability, peace, harmony and progress. This prospect and pursuit of more positivity should result in a beautiful and prosperous Suriname; the land where we have pledged our hearts. A thoughtful Subh Diwali to the entire community.

The National Party Suriname (NPS)

Gregory Rusland






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