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Not all VOS students have a place yet; tackling challenges

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There are 70 to 100 students who do not yet have a place at a school at the Secondary Education Senior Level (VOS). Part of this group is not satisfied with the allocation of the school. Dionne Sumter chair of the VOS Enrollments Committee said to the news press that after two rounds of registration, there are still challenges. More students passed VOS this year than last year. However she ensures that every student will get a place. The committee is busy processing all e-mails, so that the VOS schools have the additions for Monday.

The challenges are:

1. A lack of placement options in certain parts of the country, for example Lelydorp/Para and Wanica/Kwatta.

2. Persons who do not want to follow the policy of a school as close as possible to the home address.

3. Incomprehension when in some cases it is necessary to choose a school further from the home address due to a lack of reception capacity.

4. Incomplete or incorrect information on registration.

5. Pupils who change their mind after placement and want to go to a different school type.

Sumter stated that students being place in their environment has several benefits. The travel time is shorter and it is more financially beneficial and less passenger traffic, which will hopefully contribute to reducing traffic jams. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has made rooms available at other schools in the area (Schoolengemeenschap Kwatta and VWO 4), because the shortage of places is mainly at the VWO.

The committee examines all cases and provides solutions. Where objections are made, they will be considered. If it concerns valid objections and if there is room at the school of preference, they will be granted. Sumter said that if not, then the students will have to register at the originally assigned school. Either way, all students will be placed.





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