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Normalized RGD services

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Op het Ewald P. Meyer Lyceum heeft minister Steven Mac Andrew van Arbeid Werkgelegenheid & Jeugdzaken (AWJ) op donderdag 1 juni 2023 het startschot gegeven voor de eerste landelijke online-verkiez...

The Association of Regional Health Service Doctors’ (VRA) action has been lifted, according to the Regional Health Service (RGD). This was accomplished through the mediation of the Suriname-wide Mediation Council.

The afternoon clinics are once again available as of today, and weekend services will continue as usual. Because management refused to pay under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, the VRA had to take action.

The RGD management bit off and said the services will continue as usual. There were some clinics that closed in the afternoon.

Due to “the massive rises in petrol prices and the expense of living, it is no longer practicable for members to do the afternoon shifts,” the VRA board has written to the management of the RGD. On Friday, the promotion officially began.






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