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“No question of rising bus fees,” said the PLO chairman

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Bus rates have not yet increased, according to John Mahadewsing, chairman of the Private Line Bus Holders Organization (PLO). A recent general assembly of PLO members, or ALV, took place. Bus fares and the government subsidies for diesel were the primary subjects of conversation at this meeting.

On Tuesday, the board and the government convened to discuss the subsidies for the bus holders. The PLO chairman claims, “We have spoken with the administration, and it has been stated that the subsidy would not be phased out.”

The PLO has two weeks to determine the tariff, and the subsidy will be provided on that basis. “The organization does not decide how the rates should be applied. We will just create the rates and provide them to the government. They will choose whether to change the rate or pay the difference, according to the PLO leader.

Some bus company owners disagree and favor higher bus rates. “Bus passengers are free to yell whatever they want and in any volume they desire. The government will decide whether or not bus rates will increase. We must accept the government’s compensation promises if they are made, says Mahadewsing.

He also implies that the public will suffer if bus rates are raised. Public transportation will be quite expensive, which is not ideal, in his opinion. The rates that have been publicized are unknown to the PLO.






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