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No green light yet RvM for SRD 2.3 million Rutte visit

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The budget of more than SRD 2.3 million around the arrival of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his delegation has not yet been approved. Some ministers had questions about the amounts and expenditure.

The costs for the two-day visit of the delegation led by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte have been estimated at more than SRD 2.3 million. The proposal with the signature of Minister Bronto Somohardjo, which has been submitted to the Council of Ministers (CoE) for approval, is going viral. The minister informed the news press that the budget has not yet been approved, because questions have been asked by some ministers.

The Cabinet of the President has submitted a council proposal. The minister explained that he sign the council proposals of both the Cabinet of the President and the Cabinet of the Vice-President, because the cabinets fall administratively under the Ministry of the Interior.

Somohardjo said that this proposal has been deferred because during the discussion there were questions from the members. He said that he will forward those questions to the Cabinet of the President, so that he can answer the questions from the members at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers. The council will decide whether or not to approve the proposal.

In response to the question, the minister noted that the visit has now been completed and payments have been made, and that it is customary for the government to pay the bills afterwards.

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