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NIS electricity problem solved; shows continue

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The events in the Anthony Nesty Sports Hall will continue as normal. Joël ‘Bordo’ Martinus, director of the National Indoor Stadium (NIS) said that the problems with the electricity have been solved. The cost is well over SRD 200,000. It is not yet clear how it will be paid. The company has also advanced all material.

Martinus explained that the earnings of NIS are not that much because many organizers no longer hold shows in the sports hall. Half of the 3,000 permanent chairs are broken and there are no means to fix them. However he looks at possibilities because the government don’t give any money. He said that nobody looks at NIS. The director emphasized that instead of 5,000 people, only 3,000 can enter the sports hall. And that is why organizers prefer to go elsewhere because they can’t sell that many tickets anymore.

It is necessary that the seats are repaired, making it attractive to hold events in the sports hall. He will discuss this matter with the Ministry of Regional Development & Sports. And will also forward the bill for the repair of the electricity system to the ministry. Martinus stated that he must always go into his own pocket, but he cannot continue like this. It is high time the government paid attention to NIS. It is important for Martinus that the events planned for this week can continue as normal. The organizers have already sold tickets and incurred various costs. They have already been informed that the activities can proceed normally.



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