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Nieuw Koffiekamp inhabitants’ complaints are heard by Brunswijk

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In the Brokopondo district, residents of Nieuw Koffiekamp and the surrounding region have voiced their concerns to Ronnie Brunswijk, head of the General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP) and vice president (VP) of Suriname.

On April 19, the vice president paid a visit to the village. Locals seized the chance to present him with a document. The booklet includes information on every bottleneck the village is experiencing.

The road’s subpar infrastructure, which would have been fixed long ago, is a hot topic. The construction of a morgue, the provision of jobs for the people, and the construction of an artificial turf field for relaxation and sports development are also highlighted in the letter. The board superintendent’s office is also noted, which is in a very poor condition. Also listed is public transportation from Nieuw Koffiekamp to Paramaribo.

Brunswijk said he will talk about the obstacles with the concerned ministers after reviewing the dossier. He will speak with Faryal Renfurm, director of the National Transport Company of Suriname (NVB), about public transportation.

As this falls under the Suriname Sports Development Fund, discussions with the state business Staatsolie for the installation of an artificial turf field in the region will resume.






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