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Nickerie’s rat problem is under control

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In Nickerie, the rat problem is under control. During his working visit to Nickerie on Saturday, President Chan Santokhi received the final report on “Combating the rat plague.” District Commissioner (DC) Senrita Gobardhan delivered this to him. The committee is led by her. In order to respond quickly when such occurrences occur, the report is meant to further support government policies. “The rat plague is still present; but, we have it under control. With this, we hope to be ready for any potential disaster in the future,” the DC adds.

According to the DC, the committee has done very good work in recent times. This will also support policy that will be further developed. The recommendations that have been made should ensure that the plague remains within limits and that there is such a plan in which all services can be prepared, the Suriname Communications Service reports.

President Santokhi said all recommendations will be taken to the governing council for further discussion and elaboration. He is happy with the work that has been carried out in Nickerie. According to him, the report should contribute to a scenario. “If this happens again, what are the steps to take. Of course we have to take steps for it, but then everyone must know what to do and what preventive measures to take,” the head of state clarifies. The committee has clearly stated this in the report.

The head of state says that the government is also looking into how farmers can be compensated in the future for possible damage caused by a pest or the consequences of climate change, such as heavy rain, drought or flooding. “That is also the policy that the government must take with it, if damage occurs, either from nature or from human actions, what mechanism should there be to compensate for this”, the head of government explains. It will be taken to the next government council, where a team will be appointed to further develop all recommendations and to arrive at concrete actions and the roadmap.

The DC also handed over a copy of the report to Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries and Member of Parliament Harriët Ramdien, who received the report on behalf of DNA chairman Marinus Bee.






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