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NDP versus General Committee on SLM; some other issues

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The faction of the National Democratic Party (NDP) believes that the vicissitudes surrounding the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM) should not be discussed in a committee general. The NDP faction is of the opinion that these are not state secrets and that the SLM should therefore be discussed in a public meeting. This is to promote good governance and transparency. The NDP faction wants to discuss the functioning of the Public Prosecution Service, the National Risk Assessment trajectory and Guyana’s activities in the Tigri area in committee general.

Society has every right to be fully informed about the SLM, as its tax dollars flow here as well. The NDP party leader Rabin Parmessar made the position of the group known in writing today in a letter to Assembly President Marinus Bee. The closed-door meeting is scheduled for September 5. In this closed meeting, the government wishes to discuss, among other things, the abuses that have taken place at the parastatal companies, including the SLM.

The NDP group asks to receive the agenda from the planned committee general as soon as possible. Before every meeting, whether it is a committee general, public or domestic meeting, parliament should have written documents/information well in advance in order to start a proper debate.

The NDP group has the following agenda items for discussion in the planned committee general and hopes to receive all relevant documents early:

– The policy and functioning of the Public Prosecution Service.

– The status of the National Risk Assessment process, in view of the decision of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force on Suriname.

– The Tigri area and the activities developed there by Guyana.

The fraction leader said that he is confident that the committee general can agree with the agenda items they have mentioned and they look forward to the convocation for the General Committee.





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