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NDP does not attend special DNA meeting in protest

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The faction of the National Democratic Party (NDP) did not attend the extraordinary public meeting of the National Assembly. She is also not pleased with the fact that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and President Chan Santokhi laid wreaths at the Bastion Veere monument where the 15 victims of December 8, 1982 are commemorated.

The representatives of the opposition party have laid a wreath at the Monument of the Fallen on the Waterfront. Some members have made music with a music group Sabi Diri at the monument. “Un no wani Rutte”, they chanted.

NDP faction leader Rabin Parmessar told journalists that it was not necessary to call a special meeting for Rutte. It was therefore decided not to participate in the meeting. The NDP faction had also expressed its objections in a letter to Assembly chairman Marinus Bee. Public apologies are expected from the Netherlands about the slavery past and reparations.




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