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Name list of 10 candidate minister has yielded nothing

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Ten names have been presented to President Chan Santokhi in finding a new prospect to fill the position of Minister of Finance & Planning. He has completed the list, but found no suitable candidate for the position. Apparently there is not enough interest in the position. The acting Minister for the time being is Minister Albert Ramdin and second replacement is his colleague Silvano.

The president said on a radio program that there are several issues that prevented these candidates of filling the position. Some of them do not have Surinamese nationality and would rather keep their nationality. Another part does not want a political position, because it can have a damaging effect on the family. Therefore no one on the list of ten was suitable to succeed Armand Achaibersing. Santokhi said that he will continue until a suitable candidate is found.

President Sandtokhi has a meeting with the two deputies on Finance & Planning and experts. He wants to have a good overview of who is doing what. Who will deal with the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the creditors, the national issues. With the financial crisis in the country Santokhi wants to have a ‘window’ to be aware of all the details. He wants to have an overview of all income and expenses.







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