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Mr. Mac Andrew: Controlling immigration flows

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“Suriname faces distinct challenges and migration flows.” During a meeting with a group from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Suriname last week, Minister Steven Mac Andrew of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs (AWJ) underlined the importance of managing these migration flows into the nation.

The IOM delegation, led by Jan Wegdam, IOM Suriname’s Migration Management Team Leader, thinks it’s critical for Suriname to recognize both the advantages and challenges that migration brings. The IOM delegation included Ruth Barron and Joeri Arion.

Mac Andrew talked about anomalies that happen when people migrate to Suriname. He brought up instances of persons being hired here who entered the nation both legitimately and illegally. Mac Andrew has a strong view on migrants in the labor market, writes AWJ information. He has therefore made the necessary effort to ensure that people within AWJ acquire the necessary knowledge about labor migration in order to recognize irregularities within the labor market.

The Foundation for Productive Work Units (SPWE), an arm of the ministry, and the Labor Market sub-directorate provide induction courses to foreigners for whom a work permit is being applied for. The focus of the courses is primarily to help foreigners find their way in case they are confronted with abuses. With the Direct Mediation of the Labor Market, job seekers can be linked to vacancies.

The IOM Suriname supports the development of a national migration strategy, which sets out the goals and priorities with regard to migration policy. Attention must also be paid to mental health, mental guidance and psychosocial care for migrants who migrate to Suriname from different countries, AWJ indicates.






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