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More than 500 people receive glasses thanks to Lions clubs and their partners

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More than 500 individuals with impairments who recently underwent a professional eye examination require glasses. Following the execution of their first Vision Project for 2023 in Paramaribo, Wanica, and Commewijne, the Lions Clubs and their partners report this. Twenty teachers at OS Pontbuiten and 22 others from eight primary schools in Paramaribo-North received training as part of this project to help them identify vision issues in their children early on and assist them in resolving them. The entire project has a total estimated worth of $45,000.00, which includes the cost of the glasses and donations.

The Dutch Zienderogen Foundation and Vision Care by Varida are partners in the Vision initiative along with the Lions Clubs of Paramaribo East, Paramaribo South, and Leo Club Paramaribo East. Aid agencies in the area also donated. In their working region, they looked for kids, women, and men who could benefit from this effort. Accessible areas included OS Pontbuiten, IMEAO 1 in Geyersvlijt, Stibula in Latour, the Siembah retirement community in Marienburg, and the LSB stadium (Lelydorp). The eye test was taken by 735 persons. It turned out that more than 75 percent need glasses.

The Netherlands is where partner Stichting Zienderogen, which was represented by a group of optometrists and opticians, has the frames they’ve provided fitted with the proper strength lenses. Within two to three months, you will receive these spectacles. According to the Lions, patients who required reading glasses received them right away. The Vision Project, which was carried out in May 2022, included participation from the Zienderogen Foundation, Vision Care by Varida, and Lions Club Paramaribo East. In Latour, Pontbuiten, Marinburg, Wit Santi, and Albina, glasses were donated and eyes were measured during that issue.

A trip to the National Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired was also undertaken as part of this project (Louis Braille school). During this visit, canes for the blind, magnifiers, and a braille typewriter were also donated. The groups reflect on a fruitful Vision Project.





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