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More than 1,000 government employees will resign

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More than 1,000 employees would leave the civil service, according to Interior Minister Bronto Somohardjo (Biza). This has so far been made obvious by the requirement of national servants to register. The minister claims that this will result in cost savings for the government.

To filter the group of civil officials who want to leave the system, an implementation office will need to be established. The Council of Ministers still needs to debate this idea (RvM).

Ninety percent of national officials have registered as of this point. That was still higher than 85% in December. Prior to the Council of Ministers meeting, Minister Somohardjo mentioned a project that had been completed successfully on Wednesday.

On the request of the parliament, the registration time was extended by one month in December. The final 10% of civil servants, according to the Biza minister, have till the end of January to register. Minister Somohardjo is pleased with the registration process thus far; it is being conducted both physically and electronically around the country.

The goal of the mandatory civil service registration is to map the number of civil servants who are actually in the workforce, but it is also expected to significantly lower the government’s salary expenses. The government had already stated its intention to reform the civil service before it assumed office, in part because salaries make up the lion’s share of ministerial spending. The International Monetary Fund also has a requirement that the equipment be screened (IMF).






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