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Moengo’s police will be housed in a contemporary structure

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The Moengo police will soon reside in a contemporary structure. The construction process is well underway. The goal is to use the new police accommodations this year, regional commander East Melvin Pinas says in a conversation with the media.

Pinas claims that the police’s current headquarters are no longer appropriate for the task they undertake. He is therefore pleased that a new police station will be built because it will be a lovely and cutting-edge location.

Several services, including a Domestic Violence (HG) department, will be housed at the new police station. According to Pinas, Moengo does not currently have an HG department, but Albina and Moengo are planning to centralize this department.

The district has a high rate of domestic violence, the regional commander notes, but no figures can be provided because no specific department keeps track of this, making it impossible to quantify the issue in terms of percentages.

Pinas goes on to say that people become aware of this potential and will report it once a dedicated department is established. On the basis of this, statistics can then be calculated.

Additionally, he claims that Moengo does not currently have a Traffic Unit. A Region Assistance Team (RBT) unit will be included in the expansion of the new police station to make room for other departments.

The police station itself is still under construction, however the fire station is already situated adjacent to it and functional. The building still needs a few small tweaks, and the grounds still require some organization.








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