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MMC has interim management team for 3 months

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The Mungra Medical Center (MMC) has a new interim management team for three months. The interim management team includes Rawien Changoer, Mark Rommy, Mahinder Sewgobind and Shaista Abdul, who is also a director. The team is advised by Glenn Oehlers and Rakieb Kodabux on behalf of the Office of the President.

During the three months period, efforts will be made to alleviate the bottlenecks within the hospital as much as possible. The Public Health stated that the interim management team will provide support to the management team.

Earlier this year, the MMC was vetted by a crisis team, after which the vetting report was discussed with President Chan Santokhi. On the basis of the recommendations and goals set out in this report, decision has been made to install an interim management team that will perform its duties without remuneration.




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