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Ministry of the Interior swears in Spanish interpreter

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Marciano Edgar Armaketo has been sworn in as an interpreter and translator from Spanish to Dutch and vice versa at the Ministry of the Interior (BiZa) by director Mohamad Nasier Eskak. Viewed from the progress towards wider regional integration of Suriname in the region, in the midst of many Spanish-speaking countries, according to director Eskak, it is of paramount importance that more translators become available from Suriname.

After being sworn in, the new-fangled translator received his resolution setting out the decision. Armaketo obtained his MO-A diploma in Spanish language at the Institute of Teacher Training (IOL). After he received his MO-A diploma in Spanish he served as a Spanish teacher at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC) for four years.

Armaketo started his career in the year 2012 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation – BIBIS). He took a Spanish course in Mexico, further specialized in the foreign service and also attended a diplomatic course. From 2013 to 2018, Armaketo was embassy secretary based in Caracas, Venezuela. He then became Surinamese ambassador to Cuba from October 2018 to January 2022.

Currently Armaketo serves as director of the Diaspora Institute Suriname, which falls under the Ministry of BIBIS. The new-fangled interpreter already has his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in his possession. His wish is to obtain his doctorate and further specialize in the Spanish language.




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