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Ministry of Economic Affairs strengthens staff capacity with free masterclass

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A free masterclass was recently attended by a few members of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Innovation (EZ) staff. This masterclass was delivered by Professor Jan van Zwieten, the head of the Netherlands Business Academy. According to Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh, this project falls under the commitment to enhancing employee capability.

In his day-to-day activities, Van Zwieten plays a variety of roles, including those of an entrepreneur, the director and owner of the Netherlands Business Academy, a coach, trainer, and a lecturer. He has accumulated a great deal of expertise and has offered to provide a masterclass for free to the staff.

During the masterclass, employees were given the opportunity to discuss leadership in groups. The professor illustrated some examples to recognize leadership. A central aspect here was the role of energy. Van Zwieten emphasizes that energy is the driving force behind leadership.

Minister Kuldipsingh underlined the importance of investing in staff, especially when it comes to capacity strengthening. This contributes to the motivation of staff to achieve shared goals. Although not all ministry employees were able to participate in this masterclass, the rest will have the opportunity at a later date.



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