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Ministers informed of the CFATF process’s priorities and upcoming actions

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Prior to November, Suriname was required to have carried out a number of the recommendations and action items outlined in the CFATF’s Mutual Evaluation Report (MER) on the nation. The document contains dozens of recommendations and guidance, including how to ensure that laws and regulations are in place so that Suriname is not placed on a blacklist for its approach to money laundering and financing terrorism.

Authorities and ministries should be informed of the action points and next actions in order to ensure their collaboration, which is especially crucial. The Project Implementation Unit of the Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML-PIU) gave substance to this yesterday during a meeting attended by the ministers of justice and police, defense, spatial planning and the environment, and economic affairs, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation. The ministers included Kenneth Amoksi and Silvano Tjong-Ahin.

The Public Prosecution Service and the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) are further participants (OM). Vice Governor Rakesh Adhin represented the CBvS. He was in the audience that included Drs. Shakuntala Gangadin-Algoe, the Supervision Directorate of the CBvS, and Ms. Ingeborg Geduld-Nijman, a member of the AML-PIU and NAMLAC as well as the Supervision Directorate of the CBvS. In presentations, they went into great depth on ratings, evaluations, and suggestions.

According to PIU coordinator Roy Baidjnath Panday, decisive action would be made in the direction of a strategic plan. This strategy should highlight the fact that Suriname technically complies with international norms but, more importantly, has a functional system. In his presentation, Baidjnath Panday talked about internal structuring at the ministries and the CBvS, as well as the prompt delivery of reports from these stakeholders.





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