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Minister Ramdin: Entrepreneurs shouldn’t wait for the government

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Entrepreneurs shouldn’t wait on the government, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation Albert Ramdin. The minister is of the opinion that business owners should act independently to boost output. He contends that it is not the responsibility of the government to let company owners to grow their enterprises.

Recently, the BIBIS minister said that steps had been taken to improve production. It might not yet be visible, the minister said. International businesses are there to get a sense of the prospects in the Surinamese market. He notes that the Suriname Investment and Trade Agency was established as a body to counsel the government on steps to boost output as well as on luring big businesses to generate employment. The institute is already up and running and offering guidance.

Entrepreneurs also don’t seem to be interested in government projects, according to Minister Ramdin. Then, he muses over why he must exert himself so much for this team. Regardless of the circumstances in the nation, he thinks it is crucial to boost national production.

Ramdin claimed that imports rather than exports are the main emphasis of our company. Aggressiveness from businesses is required in the markets. He claimed that the exchange rate and the crisis may possibly be to blame for the lack of confidence. But there are still things to think about.

The minister claims that a lot of opportunities have been made available to business owners. A number of funds have been established and made available to aid entrepreneurs.

“The government will use all of its resources to ensure that extra money is added to the coffers if that is necessary. You shouldn’t wait for the government. Risk-taking is necessary to maintain a business. Opportunities are available in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. The minister thinks the Surinamese Business Association is reacting to the potential in the area extremely slowly.









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