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Minister Kenneth Amoksi’s Easter sermon

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It’s Easter, so I want to think on the importance of this day. Easter is a season of introspection, community, and optimism at its center. Also, it is a time when we express our thanks for what we have and respect our loved ones more.

I want to make a personal appeal to you today, as Minister of Justice and Police, to exercise responsibility and caution during this holiday season. While everyone is looking forward to the holiday season, we must also all pay attention to the safety issue.

We are aware that the holidays are when there are more break-ins. On holidays and public holidays, burglars enjoy taking advantage of vacant homes. This is why I’m requesting that you exercise increased caution and take security precautions to avoid a break-in. When you’re not at home, make sure all windows and doors are securely locked, hide any valuables, and ask your neighbors to keep an eye on you.

Second, we should focus on improving road safety. More people are on the road and there are more traffic movements than typical during the holidays. So, it is especially crucial to pay attention while driving. Follow the regulations of the road, don’t take any chances, and show patience when driving. By exercising extra caution, we can all safely celebrate the holidays and avoid needless collisions. Let’s cooperate to make our traffic more safe.

Finally. Let’s concentrate on the ideals that this event stands for, like love, community, and solidarity. Let’s work together as Surinamers to advance and better our society. Happy and blessed Easter to all of you, and please be careful and responsible while celebrating.

Justice and police minister

Kenneth Amoks, M. S.








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