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Minister Amoksi waits for a state agent’s opinion

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“I made a file available to the president, and he asked for two weeks to get my opinion on everything that had happened in respect to Regita ‘Asawini’ Edenburg’s expulsion. Kenneth Amoksi, Minister of Justice and Police (Juspol), informed reporters before to yesterday’s Council of Ministers meeting that all activities are detailed in his report, which the president will evaluate to get guidance.

The minister has decided against holding a press conference on this topic due to security concerns. He highlighted that the safety of the police officer, and the parties involved was what led him to make his choice. His main concern was his safety, not avoiding press interaction.

He refrained from becoming public due to the pending legal matter in which the minister personally attended the hearing as well. He believed that the public was adequately informed about the situation after a report in the media and the state attorney’s response to it. The head of the Justice Department continues, “That is why he has decided not to speak further with the press.”

Amoksi explains that he acted according to the correct procedures when evicting Edenburg. He emphasizes that all required steps have been followed and the authorities involved, such as the Public Prosecution Service, the Aliens Police and the Ministry of Justice and Police, have been informed. In addition, other parties involved were also consulted.

Asawini’s expulsion was based on grounds of threat to national security and disturbance of public order and peace.






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