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Minister Achaibersing leaves today with his head held high

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Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance & Planning said farewell today to his colleagues. The minister has made his portfolio available for personal reasons. Now he leaves with his head held high.

Minister Armand Achaibersing said at a an extension press conferences that he leaves with pride and a clear conscience knowing that he can look everyone straight in the eye. Fellow ministers Albert Ramdin and Silvano Tjong-Ahin will temporarily act at the post. It is not yet known who will be the new ‘minFin’.

Achaibersing and his team have extensively indicated what has been done in the past two years and what still needs to be done. Enormous work is being done in various areas to fix the off track economy completely. The outgoing minister is convinced that the team will continue the work. The goals are set and the methods to achieve them clearly mapped out.

When Achaibersing was asked about receiving golden handshake ,he said that he came into the world naked and he will go back the same way. He said that he has always carried out the work in good faith. Ahabersing said that it might sound arrogant. But he has always done his work in all honesty and there is not anyone who can say otherwise. He said that no such person can stand before him and say negative things about him during his work period. If you can produce that person for me, I’ll dig a hole and crawl inside and never come out. It may sound arrogant but said it with full confidence.

The Minister said that he does not know who will succeed him. But he has already been busy working on his ad interims. He spend a lot of time with Minister Ramdin. Giving him information especially on international affairs. Over the past two weeks he and Minister Tjong-Ahin were in a number of discussions, major matters that they are working on. So they are well informed.

Achaibersing stated that the transfer will be signed at the Ministry of Finance & Planning in the morning. And Mr Ramdin and Tjong-Ahin will take over. In the afternoon he will say goodbye to his colleagues. And hope the president sign the presidential decree of his waiver.









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