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Military soldiers who have been promoted must keep learning

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The National Army is forced to be inventive not just by technological advancements in the military sector but also by the complexity of the threats. Therefore, soldiers will also need to consider their own personal growth. For instance, on June 2, 122 soldiers heard speeches from Army Commander Werner Kioe-A-Sen and Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera. The guys received promotions to the Memre Boekoe Barracks’ next higher level. The military, according to Minister Mathura, must to keep learning. She urged the group to train in order to increase its education. She thinks the army will expand and perform admirably as a result.

“Training, skills, and knowledge are extremely important,” the minister declared. Particular attention was paid by Commander Kioe-A-Sen to the military personnel who want to advance their careers within the defense organization. The defense minister added that for military troops to execute to the highest standard, they must be aware of their responsibilities. She continued by saying that military people had already demonstrated how crucial they are to domestic security.

The minister stated that “the quality of the entire defense organization depends on the quality of each individual soldier.” The military must always be dependable for society.







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