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Military action conceivable

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Minister Bronto Somohardjo van Binnenlandse Zaken (BiZa) gaf op 26 november bij de opening van het Nationaal Overheidscommunicatie seminar in de Ballroom van Torarica aan, dat het belangrijk is dat re...

There will be some difficult decisions made. The mismanagement and their desire to mock the military, not me as chairman or the other members of the board, are to blame. Rodney Cairo, the head of the Association for the Legal Position of the Military, uses straightforward language (VRM).

With this, he ‘advances’ the general members’ meeting (alv), which was originally scheduled for Friday but has now been moved to Thursday afternoon. Additionally, soldiers will discuss the ins and outs of the military. The Central National Service Organizations building is where the general assembly is held (CLO). Cairo is still afraid to speculate about the possibility of a strike. He is aware that there is “quite substantial” unhappiness among the members. “The soldiers lack motivation. A soldier typically makes SRD 5,000 each month. You must use this to cover your rent and other fixed expenses. The money will be gone in a week, the chairman emphasizes.

The Surinamese Police Association, which has been deliberating since Tuesday after Chief Inspectors Sergio Gentle and Raoul Hellings were sacked, has received backing from Cairo in the interim. He urged everyone in Suriname to oppose the mismanagement of the administration on Wednesday. I urge everyone in Suriname to demonstrate peacefully. And inform the authorities that what is taking place in the nation cannot continue in this manner.




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