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Miles of road in West-Klaaskreek under construction

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The 13 km long road in West Klaaskreek is being built by the Klaaskreek and Surroundings Agricultural Development Foundation (Lokeo), which is the project’s creator. Future development in this area will be sparked by the building of the first 5-kilometer road to Klaaskreek and the production of a few crops. The new road has been under construction for a while.

On July 18, 2014, Lokeo was established in Klaaskreek. Working with the foundation is Humain B.V. Hugo Esseboom, CEO of Humain B.V., and Sandino Ratling, head of the Lokeo foundation, spoke with the Communication Service Suriname on Wednesday. Esseboom says that they must seek for financial solutions together with the government, particularly the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Ministry of Regional Development and Sport.

According to Esseboom, the 13 km long road with side roads was constructed with more than $45,000 in donations from the Suriname Environmental and Mining Foundation (SEMIF). But it costs a lot of money to build the village’s extensive infrastructure, which includes a school, retail space, power, and sewage systems. So that’s what we’re now working on.

Ratling claims that Lokeo’s key objectives are to develop West-Klaaskreek through manufacturing, housing, and agriculture and horticulture. He continues by saying that the late Captain King had the idea to expand West Klaas Creek. A residential facility for several hundred families from the hamlet and surrounding areas is something else Lokeo aspires to achieve.

The nearby environment will ultimately gain from the development of agro-forestry enterprises, businesses, and entrepreneurship in this region and reap the rewards of its long-term maintenance. According to Ratling, Suriname and its people will profit and prosper as a result of this. The Lokeo Foundation helps to achieve significant Sustainable Development Goals through its objective.







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