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Meeting of the NDP and BEP over a serious security scenario

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A public gathering to discuss the dire security situation in the nation has been requested by the NDP and BEP groups in a letter to Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee. The opposition groups claim that the vice president recently made comments to the media and during a large gathering that might be read in a variety of ways and have a significant impact on the nation and its citizens.

The Attorney General or the Public Prosecution Service has also been charged with political retaliation and persecution by the vice president. The Public Prosecution Service has been charged with this by a number of social groups and the renowned international agency Interpol, according to the NDP and BEP factions.

Aside from that, the country’s socioeconomic position is intolerable due to the unpredictable currency rate, rising costs for (basic) products and services, rising crime rates, the continuously degrading healthcare system, etc. The opposition claims that the vice president’s remarks could encourage people who have already been harassed to take illegal measures.

“The fact that this situation could jeopardize safety and the rule of law causes us great concern. You are kindly asked to postpone this public meeting as soon as possible in the interest of state security and to restore calm to society. To ensure that the government is held responsible for the grave situation that has arisen”.





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