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Mathura will continue speaking with Pikin Saron

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Bestemming inboedel voormalig Hotel Babylon

Het voormalig Hotel Babylon met inboedel is overgekocht door het ministerie van Arbeid, Werkgelegenheid en Jeugdzaken met inboedel. Deze inboedel heeft nog geen bestemming gekregen. De bewindsman zegt...

According to Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera, an agreement has been made with the locals of the Pikin Saron area regarding both security and the soldiers who are already stationed there to attend training courses. The minister claims that it is not the objective for the soldiers and agents to make the neighborhood feel unsafe. In the Maripaston region, where Grassalco is situated, the military is there to provide security.

The training in the bush has been extensively discussed with the locals. “Agreements were made and there were no concerns at the time. Now that I have heard this in the media, I will have another personal consultation with them. For the rest, one must also sit down with the Justice and Police to see how security in the area can be increased,” said the Defense Minister.





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