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Mathura: These soldiers serve their country

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For the seventh occasion, a memorial service was held in front of the Monument to the Fallen Soldiers today by the Ministry of Defense and the Stichting Re-Integratie Ex-Militairen (SREM). Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera claims that the Internal War caused significant harm. The minister stated, “We pay tribute to and demonstrate appreciation for the heroism, boldness, and tenacity of military men who have offered the greatest asset they have to the service of their country.

The victims of the internal struggle that started in 1986 with the hostage-taking of soldiers in Stolkertsijver and that eventually lasted until 1992. Many people are still walking around with permanent physical or mental trauma. We must never, ever forget those people who laid down their lives who thought and knew they were right.” All soldiers who have fought have done so for all Surinamese. Every Surinamese must be aware that war, violence and crime are not the path we should follow. That is not the value the military lost their lives for,” Mathoera noted.

Their spirit and legacy live on in our hearts and memories. Commemorating means not only looking at the past, but also working towards a future without war. “Let us strive for peace, tolerance and understanding between all people regardless of their culture, creed and origin. We will still cherish and defend this democracy and the rule of law, that is the task and challenge of our time,” says Mathoera.





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